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Just a reminder to anyone who might still be interested in entering this contest that the deadline is April 15th, which is TOMORROW.  Besides Azran, I’ve got a few fun things lined up for the runner’s-up as well, so do get those entries in! 

LxE Fic Contest: Win a copy of AZRAN LEGACY!

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As of Wed. March 19th, I am sold out of all sticker sheets! Thank you so SO much to everyone who’s purchased from me, I am so grateful for your generous support and for giving these little guys a home! Many thanks :)

If any of you are still interested in these sticker sets and weren’t able to snag them, I am willing to take pre-orders so please follow the same instructions below for ordering. If I get enough pre-orders to afford running another batch, then I will start collecting payments for them, and once the stickers arrive I will ship them out. Thank you for your interest!




I know I do!  I also love Professor Layton, and considering the lack of Layton stickers out there, I figured I would change that with 99 Stickarats: A Custom PL Sticker Set!

I currently have 3 different designs, as seen above. Each sheet is 8x4” and features individually cut stickers on smooth gloss vinyl. They’re super cute, crisp and colorful, and make great bits of decor to stick ALL OVER THE PLACE :D

Quantities are limited. First come, first serve. If I run out and there is still enough interest, I will consider taking pre-orders for an additional run :)

Please follow the link below to the full sales post; you'll find all the information you need there on how to order :D

SALE!:  99 Stickarats:  A PL Sticker Set!

I hope there is some interest; I'd love to get these guys into good homes :)  THANK YOU!  


My other Goodies Posts:

LxE Fic Contest:  Win a copy of AZRAN LEGACY!

SALE!: Professor Layton coin/charm pouches!
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LxE Fic Contest:  Win a copy of AZRAN LEGACY!

So here’s the deal. I shamelessly really want some saucy LaytonxEmmy smutfic, and I also have a brand-new, unused copy of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy in my possession. So… let’s have a little contest, shall we? :D


Please visit the link above for the full deets, and Happy Contest-ing!

(Edit:  Just a note to alert anyone who might be interested in participating that I’ve moved the Due Date a few weeks earlier, as frankly, as much as I’d love to give people more time to write, at the same time no one wants to wait until May to play Azran Legacy so I want to get the game out to the potential winner sooner than later.)
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  • Reading: Funerals to Die For
  • Watching: Parks & Recreation S5
  • Playing: Professor Layton & the Azran Legacy
'GHOSTBUSTERS' star & writer Harold Ramis dead at 69

Rest in Piece, Mr. Ramis. Thank you for giving us one of the greatest franchises this world will ever know, and for so many other inspirational laughs along the way. Ghostbusters is a pivotal piece in my life, and has a great deal to do with why I am who I am today.

Thanks for inspiring such a big part of my life, Egon. Bust a few for us in the Great Beyond, okay?

God bless.
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.  And while I can't afford to ship a pile of chocolate to each and every one of you, at the very least I can tell you I'd give each of you a horrible sloppy and gross chocolate kiss if I could because you're awesome :)

2013 was a bit of a.... complicated year for me.  I gained some wonderful new friends whom I'm growing closer to every day, and grew distant from others who drifted.  People change.  Interests change.  And as a result, friendships sometimes do as well, for better or for worse.  And while I can genuinely say that I am rather saddened by the friendships that have faded, I am VERY VERY HAPPY for the ones that have developed and grown.  

I've been reflecting a lot on my friendships as of late, and perhaps this warrants a further introspective piece at a later date, but not today.

Today is a HAPPY VDAY WISH to all of my friends, and I hope that you all find the time to share a smile or two with someone you care about.  Husband, girlfriend, best bud, sister, son, dog.  Doesn't matter.  If you care about them, that's plenty :)

Happy Valentine's day.  Thanks for being awesome, all of you.
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Hey dahlings,

I’m feeling kind of drained lately. Combination of work stress, being sick, and just feeling kind of run down. I could really use some inspirational pick-me-ups.

LaytonxEmmy stuff really makes me happy these days, so if any of you have any good LxE ideas to throw my way that would make for a good doodle/pic, please leave me a comment on this post :) G-XXX is totally a-ok (though XXX stuff I wouldn't posting... here). I’d love for some fresh ideas to play with and rummage through. No promises as to what I can or can’t do, but I’d love some suggestions to consider!

Or if any of you wanna draw/write any yourself, oh my God please do and point me to them because I would LOVE to see more material for my favorite ship.

PS.  Apologies if I don't respond individually to each comment!  I'm more just trying to get a nice compilation and listing of all your ideas, and I'll pick and choose the ones I think I could pull off best/would be the most fun :D  Thank you so much for all your responses and ideas!

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Tagged by :iconalavar-randomity:, who says:  

The rules:
1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions that people you tag will answer.
.... and I am being a VERY BAD TAG PLAYER because I'm ignoring the remaining rules about tagging others or making up new questions because I am sick with some sort of flu-cold-thing and hazy and tired and don't have the energy right now :p  But Alavar is nice and she asked me stuffs so I will answer them!

10 Things About Me:
1.  I'm a half-assed ambidextrous in the sense that I am left-handed for some things, right-handed for others.  But I can't switch.
2.  I'm allergic to almost everything under the sun, including many fruits, veggies, nuts, etc... and all furry/hairy animals.  
3.  I can understand more Mandarin Chinese than I can speak.
4.  I collect creative/horrific taxidermy whenever the opportunity arises.
5.  I like anime art styles, but I don't really watch anime.
6.  I'm more of a crustacean & bug & lizard person than a cat & dog & pony person.
7.  I'm really small (less than 5' tall).
8.  I can puppeteer pretty well.
9.  I'm a hardcore LaytonxEmmy shipper and will trade art for good fic ;_;
10.  I am actually having a REALLY hard time coming up with 10 things to tell you about me that aren't horrifically embarrassing.

Alavar asks:

1: What inspired you to do the things you do?
-- You mean Saving The World?  Superman does it, and Superman is pretty cool.  Oh, wait, you mean art?  I'm not sure... it's been a driving force for me ever since I was young.  I guess I just saw what games and TV and comics were doing and decided WOW THAT IS AWESOME I WANT TO DO THAT and here we are :)

2: Any unique hobbies? 
-- Outside of art?  Uh... nothing really stellar, I don't think.  I like to cook, but that's hardly unique.  I like reading about cryptozoology and paranormal unsolved mystery stuff.  I'm a collector of some very specific things.  I like making custom merch.  I like to collect unique taxidermy when I can, but it's difficult because the good stuff's really expensive.  I'm also terribly picky.

3: If you could control the weather, what would you do with it?
-- Keep it at 60-70 degrees F all year round because I am happiest in those temperate zones.  Of course, this would disrupt an incredible number of things in the world ecosystem so it's probably a good thing I can't control the weather.

4: When going through the internet, are you okay with being spoiled with something or do you immediately back away from it?
-- I generally back away as soon as I find out; I hate being spoiled for stuff I care about.

5: Was there anything you've always wanted to try?
-- Eating bugs.  Not like picking roaches off the street, but like, actual bugs used in cuisine in various ethnic dishes.  But no place near me specializes in that sort of thing.

5: If you had the ability to create something with a simple snap of your fingers, what would you create?
-- WHERE IS #6

7: Would you use that ability for the good of humanity?
-- NEVER maybe but I won't answer this because you're cheating; it's not #6

8: Did you notice that there was no #6?

9: You just checked to see if there was a #6, didn't you?
-- I noticed right away because I am OCD :(

10: Did you find amusement in all this? 
-- It was fun, I like answering random questions because I am no good with talking about myself otherwise.
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Hey everyone!  

Due to demand, I've finally set up a RedBubble Shop so that I could finally make some Rainbow Shark goodies available!  Folks have been asking me for posters and iPhone cases and such, and they are now finally available :)
Taste the PAINbow by zillabean

So if you're in the market for some Sharky Goodness, please do stop on by and pick up some stuff!  If things go well, I'll look into adding more designs into the shop if folks are interested!  

Thanks for stopping by :D  

Hello all my sexy dahlings,

As an avid Layton collector, I have recently come into possession of a bunch of PL goodies that I couldn't possibly consume all by myself, and so I've decided to share the wealth!

I am looking to sell a bunch of Official Professor Layton coin purses/pouches!  These lovely babies came out during the release of Eternal Diva and retailed for ~1200 yen apiece (~$12+ USD each as of this posting) at Japanese shops.  (And this is before any import fees and shipping costs for us international buyers.)  

I am asking $6 USD apiece or $10 USD for a pair.  You can see what they look like at this link:  Click here to see the goodies!

If interested, please hop on over to THIS POST HERE for all the details, pricing and info.  All the information you need is there, so please read it through carefully and leave a comment there if interested!  All the deets are provided.

Please do not leave any comments or notes here with any of your order information as I'm trying to keep all info gathered on the sales post.  It will only get lost if you leave it here.  Thanks!
Edit @ 10am March 1, 2013:  Requests/Suggestions closed!  I've gotten in more than I can handle already, so I'm closing this up.  I'll see how many I can get through, thanks!

Hey guys, so the new trailer for PL6 (… and all the theories floating around through the fandom are totally depressing me :(  The fact that it's Layton's last game just makes me SO super sad.  Plus, L-5 has never had qualms about killing people off and breaking all of our hearts with each subsequent title, so I can only imagine PL6 is going to the biggest tear-jerker of them all ;_;  Granted, supposedly Layton and Luke will come out alright considering they're all fine and dandy in the original trilogy, but... it's L-5.  They really know how to twist mysteries and hearts and emotions so who knows :(  DON'T KILL OFF MY BABIES!  Not Layton, not Emmy, not Luke!  sobbing

That being said, I wanna do some LaytonxEmmy arts to cheer myself up because those two just make me happy <3

If you have a fun LaytonxEmmy request/suggestion, please feel free to throw it out there! You can drop it in a comment here, or send me a private dA note if you're shy. I'm willing to do any rating you like. Cute, funny, saucy, silly, bring it on! I need to have some self-indulgent fun with my favorite fun pairing to cheer myself up <3

I'll try to do as many as I can in varying levels of completion pending what I feel most inspired by. Please understand that I may not get to all of them, and will have to pick and choose pending time/interest.  I also reserve the right to refuse anything that might make me uncomfortable, but I'll try to do what I can!

Yaoi vs. Het

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 26, 2011, 8:45 AM
Okay so... I know I've asked this before, but I accidentally deleted the journal like an idiot.  So here it is again...

So I think I'm kind of a weirdo anomaly in the Layton community in that I'm more of a het fan vs. a yaoi fan.  I think 90% of the PL community and the majority of my friends are primarily yaoi fans.  While this is all fine and awesome (seriously, I have nothing against yaoi!), it's just not personally my thing.  I'm kind of an old-fashioned sucker for "boy meets girl" and het pairings.

That being said... are there any other PL het fans out there?  I personally like my Proffy with Claire, Remi/Emmy, etc.  I just figure a fellow like the Prof would be pretty damn popular with the dames, what with all that gentlemanly charm and class.  And the fencing.  And of course, that hat.  

i know i'm a loser but please tell me there are other losers out there who are with me on this, so ronery

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Where are my Professor Pals?

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2011, 2:19 PM
Where are my Layton buddies at?  Time to sound off, and maybe even score some free art! :D

So...  I'm kind of a gigantic idiot and accidentally deleted an older post I made.  Awhile back I popped up a journal looking for other Layton fans so I could see who's-who out there, and simply to meet other fans who love the characters and series.  You know, so I know who I can be dorky with XD  But I'm a dunce, and accidentally deleted said journal, wiping out all the names.  Sad Zilla.  

So...  that being said...  Are there any other Layton fans around here?  Sound off!  Even if you've commented before... sound off again!  Love the characters?  Love the games?  Love the story?  Who's your favorite character(s)?  Lemme know!  I'm always looking to meet other Professor pals :)  

Annnndddd....  since I'm feeling somewhat punchy and generous, I will haphazardly select 5 people to draw free Professor sketches for!  It's fun, and I love making people smile, so if you're a fan, make sure you also let me know what you want Prof doing in the pic!  If I like your idea, I might just choo-choo-choose you <3

Sound off, comrades!

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