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Hey look, my very first button pins!  I've always seen folks creating their own buttons so I figured it was high time I made some, too 
:) (Smile)  I currently have 3 designs available: Rainbow Shark, Fat Unicorn and Professor Layton :D (Big Grin)  Please drop by my Storenvy if interested!

Buy them here:  Buttons by Zilla

Thanks for looking! :D (Big Grin)  More products are on the way!
Thought I'd finally make a post about this since I get asked it fairly frequently, but...  Apologies to everyone who has asked me for art critique or tips n' tricks or any sort of artistic tutorials, but I am simply not the greatest person to look to for that sort of thing.  I feel super lame admitting to it, because folks have assumed I'd be good at this sort of thing, but the truth is I'm not.  

I'm the type of artist who's art kind of... draws itself, as little sense as that makes?  Like, I'll have a rough idea of what I want to do when I draw, but as soon as pen hits paper it just does the work on its own with little input from the Mother Brain.  It's hard to describe but I know some of my art buddies can relate.  Art for me is years and years of practice, trying new techniques, studying hundreds of various styles, and experimenting with different things I pick up from all over and it all becomes a sort of amalgam of everything I've learned and tried over my artistic lifetime.  

Outside of extremely basic general anatomy and light source basics that you can get from any Drawing 101, I cannot explain how I shade, or how I line, or why I choose this line over that or why I choose to draw my hands as I do or eyes that way.  I'm horrible with trying to explain how to shade or why I shade something in a specific way, and I'm even worse with critiquing another person's existing work.  Even in person I'm not great with this, and in those instances I have the chance to actually give an in-person demo and do live red-lining and such and... I still don't come off very well.  

So apologies in advance to those of you who've asked me for advice and critique and "how-to's", but I'm really not the best person to ask because everything I do just really comes naturally from years of experimentation and it's just... automatic?  That sounds stupid, and it's not really what I mean, but it's the best way I can describe it.  It's like asking me to teach you how to ride a bike, I really don't know how to do it other than holding the bike so that you can climb on, then pushing the bike and yelling "NOW PEDAL, AND DON'T FALL DOWN!"

Thanks to everyone who's asked, I'm flattered, and I'm sorry I'm unable to lend a bigger hand! 
Hey hey, just a general head's up on other places to find me, since I know a lot of people prefer all various types of social media, vs. just deviantArt.  So here's some other joints I frequent:

Zillabean @ tumblr:  My art blog :)  Mostly a tumblr mirror for this place.

Life of Zilla @ tumblr:  Personal blog for life stuff, thoughts, musings, re-blogs, etc.

ProfessorZilla @ tumblr:  110% Professor Layton stuffs.  Layton Art, thoughts and fandom shenanigans.  (PL fans only!  Otherwise you will be very very sad and bored)

Zillabean @ deviantArt:  My deviantArt!  My most frequent art hang-out and where I post most of my works :) (DURR THIS PLACE)

@ Beanyzilla:  My twitter.  Mostly art updates and personal chatter.

Zillabean @ LJ:  My livejournal.  I don't blog as much as I used to, but I use it to read communities and other journals, and I love the filter system for more private thoughts.

Zilla @ storenvy:  My little shop for custom charms, stickers & more!

Zillabean @ Redbubble: My Rainbow Shark products!
Hey dahlings, got some fun news!  I finally got myself a little shop for my bits of merch that I like to create, and you can find it all here:  Little Shop of Zilla :D

I don't have a ton there right now but I do have little tidbits like brand-new PL-inspired stickers & charms and Dandy charms :)  I hope to add more goodies as time/money allows, but in the meantime, please check it out!!  You'll find these goodies there!

99 Stickarats:  A PL Sticker Set by zillabean  Cute Chibi Layton Charms! by zillabean  Dandy and CHARMing by zillabean

Currently all my stock is quite limited as I only do very small runs.  But if any of you are Professor Layton and/or Space Dandy fans, do stop on by and take home some fun stuff! :D  Signal boosts are also appreciated :)  Thanks!