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Hey guys! I’ve updated my storenvy with loads of new products, please come check it out! New Layton goodies, stickers, Space Dandy stuff, brand new stickers, etc.!

I’ve dropped some of the prices, and if you buy a lot, I’ll throw in a free full-color icon commission! Please see the store for details. 


Thank you for stopping by, and re-posts and signal boosts would be very much appreciated!


I get asked this enough by so many different people that I thought it'd be a good idea to make a brief post about it.

I'm really sorry for those who are interested, but I don't take free requests. It's simply not fair to my paying commissioners.  Nor do I take dA point commissions, I'm afraid; only standard USD via Paypal.

Trades I'm extremely wary about but I think it's safe to say I'm not doing anymore of those for the time being unless I offer myself... I've been screwed over one too many times by people who never held up their end and it's soured my experience, and for that I am sorry :(

Thank you for reading and understanding!
With so many of my favorite artists and others abandoning dA for Twitter and tumblr, I just wanted to say "Thanks" to those of you who continue to stick around this joint with me, time after time :) While I also partake of the Tweet and the tumbl, my main base for showcasing and commenting on my art and others' art is still dA because no other social network allows for actual gallery archiving and organization as dA does. So for those of you who stick around despite the dwindling numbers, Thanks! :D
Hey guys! I've added a few new products to my Storenvy, please pop on by and take a look!

Zilla's Storenvy

Thank you for any interest, and reposts and signal boosts are very much appreciated :)

New charms available at my Storenvy!

Hey guys! Finally managed to get some new charm designs into my Storenvy!  New Layton designs, Dandy reprints, and Rainbow Shark and friends!  They are all double-sided, glossy candy-coated, and cut on shiny clear acrylic.  Crazy colorful, fun and durable :)  I also still have a selection of buttons and stickers as well, so do come check 'em out! :D

Signal boosts appreciated!
Hey hey, just a general head's up on other places to find me, since I know a lot of people prefer all various types of social media, vs. just deviantArt.  So here's some other joints I frequent:

Zillabean @ tumblr:  My art blog :)  Mostly a tumblr mirror for this place.

Life of Zilla @ tumblr:  Personal blog for life stuff, thoughts, musings, re-blogs, etc.

ProfessorZilla @ tumblr:  110% Professor Layton stuffs.  Layton Art, thoughts and fandom shenanigans.  (PL fans only!  Otherwise you will be very very sad and bored)

Zillabean @ deviantArt:  My deviantArt!  My most frequent art hang-out and where I post most of my works :) (DURR THIS PLACE)

@ Beanyzilla:  My twitter.  Mostly art updates and personal chatter.

Zillabean @ LJ:  My livejournal.  I don't blog as much as I used to, but I use it to read communities and other journals, and I love the filter system for more private thoughts.

Zilla @ storenvy:  My little shop for custom charms, stickers & more!

Zillabean @ Redbubble: My Rainbow Shark products!
Hey dahlings, got some fun news!  I finally got myself a little shop for my bits of merch that I like to create, and you can find it all here:  Little Shop of Zilla :D

I don't have a ton there right now but I do have little tidbits like brand-new PL-inspired stickers & charms and Dandy charms :)  I hope to add more goodies as time/money allows, but in the meantime, please check it out!!  You'll find these goodies there!

99 Stickarats:  A PL Sticker Set by zillabean  Cute Chibi Layton Charms! by zillabean  Dandy and CHARMing by zillabean

Currently all my stock is quite limited as I only do very small runs.  But if any of you are Professor Layton and/or Space Dandy fans, do stop on by and take home some fun stuff! :D  Signal boosts are also appreciated :)  Thanks!